Royal Burgers’ Zoo

Amidst the hoards of children and parents (often a specific kind: the ones that fart in closed exhibitions while shouting to their Oompa Loompa colored wives, lets their kids pee outside in the middle of a zoo and that think changing diapers is okay on a random bench) we visited the wonderful Burgers’ Zoo.

The weather being favorable we had more then plenty of time to gawk at the various natural themed surroundings such as the Safari, Bush, Ocean, Desert and Rimba. The zoo is perhaps the most beautiful of The Netherlands, but not in the same league as for example the Belgian Pairi Daiza or the Valencian Bioparc.

The ocean is stunning albeit a little empty and not as colorful, yet very immersive. Being up close and personal with gorillas is always a great experience and seeing the little ones playing around while the alpha male is looking all impressive makes you realize how similar yet different they are from us.

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