Eurotrip 2015 – Neuschwanstein

Our last stop on the Eurotrip was Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany. One of the greatest castles in Europe – and one of the world’s foremost tourist attractions.

Part theatre, part fairytale, Neuschwanstein Castle embodies the soul of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, popularly known as ‘mad King Ludwig’.

Neuschwanstein was designed to be a hideaway for this reclusive king, as well as a palace evoking Medieval myth and fantasy.

The story behind this fairytale castle is evocative in itself. King Ludwig was forced onto the throne before he was 20, and, in just two years, suffered a crushing military defeat which was a huge blow to Bavaria.

The young King appeared to also have a rather troubled personality. So, rather than tackle his disappointments and failures head-on, he immersed himself a fantasy-world of building fairytale castles.

Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany, is the ultimate result of his obsessions (or, some would say, his gathering insanity). It’s a phenomenal site, as the majestic exterior is more-than-matched by the decadent interior decor.

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