New Zealand – Auckland

Our first stop during the four weeks epic roadtrip through New Zealand was Auckland, it’s biggest city and the destination of our plane from Dubai. After having flown the world longest non-stop flight it was good finally arriving in New Zealand. My high school friend Hein picked us up from the airport and we were quickly in downtown Auckland (or the CBD, Central Business District).

Back home autumn and winter where knocking at the door but in New Zealand spring was in full swing and weather was great. Some of the highlights in Auckland are the Sky Tower which gives you great vistas from its lookout floor, the freely accessible Auckland Art Gallery with the amazing Maori Portraits collection and the harbour.

If one had to describe Auckland in one sentence it would be a city of European culture, American brands and sizes and Asian food. This mix here works wonderfully well and gives Auckland an identity of its own. No wonder roughly one third of New Zealands inhabitants call Auckland home.

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