Life in the little country of Luxembourg seems good, being ranked among the worlds top nations in terms of wealth and life quality. The whole country somehow seems to breathe a very international atmosphere where you are never entirely sure whether to speak French, German, English or perhaps even Dutch. While it really feels like being on holiday due to the total different feel compared to home it is only just over a three hour drive from the Netherlands (dependent of course of where you live in the Netherlands).

The capital of Luxembourg has a fairy-tale quality to its Unesco-listed historic core, memorably perched along a dramatic cliff top. As the Gibraltar of the north it’s medieval defenses are still visible from points with memorable sight being the Casemates, a tunnel system that now spans roughly 17 kilometers underground. With our hotel located in the center of Luxembourg at Place d’Armes and a lot of restaurants nearby the experience was memorable & the weather tropical.

Beyond the capitol, you’ll rapidly find yourself in rolling part-forested hills where a string of beguiling villages each form attractive huddles beneath stunning medieval castles, waterfalls and dramatic rock formations. We took a detour on our way back, making it a road trip with visits to Echternach with it’s beautiful picturesque centre and abbey, the Wolfsschlucht / Gorge du Loup which was a steep hike through rock formations leading up to a somewhat disappointing viewpoint, Schiessentümpel providing a postcard trippel waterfall and the last stop in Vianden impressed with it’s castle and the winding roads leading up to the village.

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