Elbow grease & Love

Our first assembly underway, we spend a day sanding our acrylic rims to give it that sweet milk glass look that will help to make the light of the LEDs diffuse. Starting with a high grain and working down towards a fine grained sanding paper, it took more time then anticipated but the results are beautiful. For the other rims we are definitely going to consider a machine option (tips and recommendations are welcome how to do this!).


After the sanding came the meticulously cleaning of the anodized rings. After our experience with Bison for the first LightSagas we ever made, it was the clear choice to turn to their products again to put it all together. Their cleaner removed any fingerprint and unwanted dust.


The glue to put it all together is as nasty as it is strong, requiring us to wear gloves for proper handling and the package has warnings on it that no sound human would ever want to read. We went along with it anyway obviously. To cite the Bison websiteBonds many materials where other adhesives fail.


Our first acrylic ring is now mated with it’s aluminum friend, and will hopefully be together until the end of times (pun intended as it is a clock). After drying we’ll assess the procedure we now did and try and improve on this as we need to do 19 more clocks and we need to make it a little bit more efficient while maintaining the quality.


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