Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, features a beautiful Old Town in medieval style and is known around the world for its well-preserved completeness and authentic Hanseatic architecture. Enchanting atmosphere, rich cultural scene, beautiful surroundings and plenty of galleries, cafes and restaurants to choose from. With half a million citizens, Tallinn is hardly a world metropolis. However: short distances and low traffic are advantages to cherish.

The free tour in Tallinn is a very nice one, although it was a little to long and after a certain period it is hard to not be saturated by all the stories told by the very enthusiastic an theatrical tour guide. Unlike in other cities the huge group wasn’t spliced which was a bit unfortunate as it was too large a group.

Other things that shouldn’t be missed in Tallinn are the awesome Seaplane Harbour museum which houses a submarine & icebreaker for you to explore, the recently renovated TV tower that allows stunning vistas and on clear days glimpses of Helsinki and Uber Electric, nothing beats exploring Tallinn while being driven in a Tesla.

Of all the Baltic capitols we visited Tallinn was the must-see.


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