Color choices

Because a lot of the people that ordered their LightSaga prototype weren’t sure which color to pick, as it is hard to picture how it will look, we asked Aldor to help us out by making one of the small rings in each of the four colors we were going to offer. Wouter and myself already knew we were going to go for polished black (which is like a black glass look) for our clocks so we also had two of the big rings done in this color. Because this choice requires a lot of handwork it is slightly more expensive then the other three, but it has a unique look and feel.

All the results were stunning and it is hard to capture the real look and feel of the rings on a photo, but we tried. The four options we are offering to our customers (or to the enlightened people that will get a LightSaga asap, pun intended):

Glossy Black


Matte Blank (not to be confused with Matt Leblanc)


Matte Blue


Matte Black


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