Dubai & Abu Dhabi

[su_quote cite=”Unknown”]Dubai, the city that has whatever you can dream, and if they don’t have it yet they are building it or building an island to build it on.[/su_quote]

During a BBQ yesterday me and Tom Rademaker were reminiscing over the trip me and Michiel Rademaker took two years ago to visit Tom who was working in Dubai for a year. I decided to dig up those pictures and share them on the blog with you, as it was a bewildering experience visiting this dusty desert town and damn does this city look good.

It’s hard not to admire Dubai and Abu Dhabi for their indefatigable verve, gutsy ambition and ability to dream up and realize projects that elsewhere would never get off the drawing board. This is a superlative-craving society that has birthed the world’s tallest building, an island shaped like a palm tree, a huge indoor ski paradise, the world’s fastest roller coaster and so on. With many more grand projects in the pipeline for World Expo 2020, visiting here feels like a trip to the future.

During our stay Dubai was advertising throughout the whole city for it’s winning bid on the World Expo 2020 and if I ever visit Dubai again, it might just be around that time.

Oh and an extra bonus for those who haven’t seen this work of art yet; Rob Whitworth has made his signature style urban film on the topic of Dubai, combining time-lapse photography and flow motion to create a very dynamic and compelling film of all the highlights that make Dubai such an unique experience.

[su_vimeo url=”″]

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