Japan – Nikko, Hakone, Matsumoto & Alpine Route

So this is a bit of a mixed bag, with a diverse set of scenery. Instead of heading straight for Kyoto from Tokyo, we did a day long side trip to Nikko, an overnight stay in Hakone, another overnight stay in Matsumoto and a day long trip on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route.

While Tokyo is big beyond believe, Japan has also some of the best scenery in the world on offer. Hills that come to live with fifty shades of autumn, the impressive Mount Fuji from afar and shrines tucked between sereen woods in Nikko.

Among transportation along these places we counted cable cars, ropeways, trolley busses, trains, Shinkansen, pirate ships (not a typo) and local busses (they have not been designed with 2 meter tall people in mind, it is physically impossible for me to sit on those busses). This itself is already a bit of a sight to Japanese, they seem to love different modes of public transport. Mix in some black eggs, stunning sights and beautiful walks and you got a whole other side of Japan.

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