Beachmasters Costa Brava

Stretching north to the French border, the Costa Brava, or ‘rugged coast’, is by far the prettiest and classiest of Spain’s three principal holiday coasts. Though you’ll find plenty of overdevelopment and English breakfasts, there are also unspoiled coves, charming seaside towns with quality restaurants, spectacular scenery, and some of Spain’s best diving.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Costa Brava once more this summer for some travel photos, my first time working for the Beachmasters brand. Nothing but warm smiles from both the representatives (are they then called the Beachmasters?) as its guests (Beachpupils?). Their vacations feature a mix between partying and cultural excursions; from the infamous Beachstars festival and club to a excursion to Barcelona and a relaxing cruise on a catamaran, the Costa Brava shows itself from its best side proving once more why it’s the most popular destination amongst youngsters.

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