London Calling

Rain pouring down, trying to drown us in the streets of London was our first experience coming from the tube after a short flight over the Channel. The excellent hotel (citizenM) provided umbrellas but these were simply no match for summer storm passing over. Things improve a bit though as a local was able to show us excellent views from a bar in the Shard and introducing us to the superb Soho food & cocktails on a friday light when the town is buzzing with people excited about the weekend.

Next day things improved, clear blue skies above the Parliament & Buckingham Palace, a long walk, museum visits and kicking back in Hyde Park (after gawking at too expensive stuff in Harrods) filled our day whilst our evening was filled with meters of pizza and recursive ten minute walks.

Sundays are for brunching. St Katherines docks house excellent bistro’s where Lattes taste delicious and where eggs will cover your roasted muffin. All this with a view of the Tower Bridge and the London Tower. The climb to the top of the Monument is a bit steep but well rewarded once (or if?) you make it to the top.

It was a good long weekend in London (feet not to happy though, a grand total of 36 kilometers for the entire weekend) and I’m sure I’ll visit again sooner than the 29 years it took me to do in the first place.

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