Pairi Daiza

After visiting Pairi Daiza for the first time last year I was blown away by the stunning looks of this heavenly garden and the enchanting mix of animals that call this zoo in Brugelettes (also know as the middle of nowhere) their home. I was lucky enough to visit it again recently and although the drive is far, it is well worth it as it is even after the second visit simply the most beautiful zoo I’ve been to so far. And pandas help.

Pairi Daiza’, ancient Persian for ‘enclosed garden’, is the term that was used in the earliest known reference to the notion of ‘paradise’. A dream come true, Pairi Daiza flourishes on what were once the grounds of a Cistercian monastery, Cambron Abbey (they make nice beer too there). Imagine a 135 acres garden protected from the outside world by a high surrounding wall three kilometres long.

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  1. Thédor says:

    Pairi Daiza: an amazing zoo indeed!! Interesting garden and awesome views; especially Asia.looks like you’re really there! Number one zoo I’ve ever been into!

    1. stijnvandrunen says:

      I found the sheer number and diversity in their turtles exhilarating.

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