Sometimes you don’t have to travel halfway across the globe to find something special. With the Doomsday Support Group we did our first annual geek weekend to Speyer in Germany. A town that might not immediately ring a bell but which features good food, a great hotel (shout out to Frank Rademaker for being the perfect host) and enough geeky stuff to look at in it’s science museum and the nearby twin science museum of Sinsheim.

Absolute highlight was the Buran, the Russian competitor of the Space Shuttle, as well as the Concorde and Concordski. Many of the exhibitions were accessible to visitors, in the early morning neither of the museums were to crowded and some of the exhibitions were even controllable. Non science highlights were the excellent beers, schnitzel, rumpsteak and other German foods with an exception of the Maximilian apfelstrudel. Ignore that shitty cafe, you won’t miss much.

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