Many small steps, one giant leap

Finally, just before the years’ end, we made the giant leap of constructing our first LightSaga clock (Technically it is the second if you count the original iteration made of wood). A lot of small steps were required to finally get to this point and we still need to assemble the other 19 out of our first prototype run, however this marks a big milestone and our first chance to really see the aluminum and acrylic coming together.

2015-12-30 10.22.57

The software that was running fine on the Spark needed some touching up for the Photon, but now runs fine on both platforms and as we now have a finished clock with all the electronics in it we can now also focus on the software.

2015-12-30 15.00.43

Glueing of the other 19 rings will take place in the beginning of 2016, or, not all of the rings can be glued yet as many orders haven’t picked colors yet and the rings need to be anodized before glueing.

2015-12-30 15.00.48

Also a redesign of the PCB is needed for better accommodation in the clock as we learned that some of the things on the first iteration on the PCB simply won’t work (we now manually modified the 3 existing PCBs).

2015-12-30 14.46.16

A lot of steps still to take, but a nice result just before 2015 ends.

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