Lighten up your ESP8266

In Embedded, Technology

For a workshop I’m giving at my employer I’ve been wanting to interface a nice NeoPixel (WS2812) LED ring with an ESP8266. Using the NodeMCU boards without the actual firmware provides a nice platform that gives a small packages, with breadboard ready pin spacing & USB to serial chip. It has been a struggle to get the code working on the platform, so for the benefit of all I’m posting a very barebone working driver in case you want to interface with some WS2812’s natively.

One downside of it all, I was hoping that the breadboard power supply from China would pack enough power to be able to properly light this thing, however I had to chain two together, as one would drop the power resulting in a stroboscope. Doing the math it should’ve been able to power it: 60mA * 24 = 1440mA, resulting in 7,2W on 5V while the 12V adapter should be able to provide 1000mA, resulting in 12W. Too bad those 12W are Chinese Watts, which seem to be roughly half of normal world Watts.